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Sexual healing is for couples and individuals. Heal sexual wounds of shame, rape, past relationships, disease and sickness, deepen erotic pleasure and learn how to become aware of the sexual energy throughout the body. Become aware and express sexual boundaries, connect and nourish the inner feelings, increase sexual vitality, learn what your passion is, and open up to your sensuality and let go of the armor. Your Sexual health is one of the most important aspects of your life.

The sacred spot is an area that holds past pain. Awakening and healing the sacred spot is the beginning of healing the mind.

Areas of specialty: somatic pelvic healing,  asperger syndrome, cerebal palsy, polio, little people,mental challenges and more;  premature ejaculation,erectile dysfunction,romantic affairs,sex and aging, decreased libido solutions, cancer and sex, sexual addiction and recovery, menopause,  gender orientation, impotency, hyper sexuality, inability to orgasm, muscular armoring, sexual abuse, rape/trauma recovery, self pleasuring techniques, sexual objectification, polyamory lifestyles, painful intercourse, reproductive concerns (menopause, infertility, endometriosis) amrita and tantric education and rediscovering love,  body honoring, lack of sensuality, armor, sacred spot yoni healing, sexual addiction, performance anxiety, alternative lifestyles, sexual boredom, body image, commitment and intimacy, and loss of sexual desire.

I work with you in healing this process of reclaiming your feminine/masculine self. The session focus is counseling, coaching, breathing, undulation and pelvic somatic work. I am a group leader for endometriosis sufferers, and offer special counseling services for that population.  Surrogate Services

Sessions are professional; there is no nudity.


  • Move from repression to expression
  • Move through the shame, guilt, denial, stigma, fears
  • Develop the ability to love again, re-discover intimacy
  • Balance emotional, physical, sexual wholeness
  • Repair sexual dysfunction and cardiovascular health
  • Be a better lover
  • Break sexual patterns and discover love as your purpose
  • Find the things in common with your partner
  • Stop hoping it will last but rather make the relationship last forever