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TANTRA WISDOM: Rediscovering Love

Tantra Wisdom™ is one of the greatest gifts the world offers. Tantra gives us the opportunity to recognize sexual energy as a sacred force to fuel life’s intentions. It is the pathway to love, sexuality and healthy relationships. In fact it is a very cutting edge phenomenon of today. It is an ancient yoga that originated in India 5000 years ago and is now becoming one of the leading healing arts around. Tantra is a small word for a lot of love, desire, wisdom, enlightenment, and passion. It is a Sanskrit word meaning to integrate the physical, emotional and sexual wholeness of ones being.

Tantra trains the mind to love and respect life and what it offers; to stay in the present moment. It does not follow laws of logic but rather allows the creativeness of one’s feelings to develop. It cultivates harmonious relations and trains the consciousness to vibrate from love rather than fear. We live in a culture that wounds our soul, thus suffocating our bodies and emotions.

Tantra gives us the opportunity to recognize sexual energy as a sacred healing force and teaches to transmute this energy as one with your wholeness. Tantra is a gift that encourages the enlightenment of the senses, that offers a way out of the suffering; while freeing the soul and liberating the mind instead of addicting and controlling it.

It is not about orgasm, but rather attaining a truth in love, a love in truth. Liberation is when we trust the organic nature and spontaneously live in the moment. The result is living life to its fullest potential and celebrating its every moment. Tantra teaches us to slow down and experience life’s moments.

To achieve this, Tantra Wisdom™ applies a variety of tools including breath, sound, movement undulations, kegel contractions, communication, gentle touch and more to help undo the layers that block the body from its natural pleasure source. There we open to an experience from within where we learn what our connection is to all life and beings which brings us into our present nature of authenticity; the truth. When we encounter this experience of expansion there is a greater value of orgasmic fullness which is weaved into our everyday life. Essentially you begin to make love to everything that you do. When we bring the body into its divine nature; it is at this time that the spirit shows up. Tantra Wisdom is a guide that can change, work, save and heal relationships of all kinds from family to lover to friends. Classes are professional; no nudity.

When you become a better lover you:

  • balance out your yin and yang
  • develop intimate communication
  • balance giving and receiving
  • embrace active/receptive energies
  • get the love you want
  • identify the areas in the body where orgasm gets stuck
  • experience your sensual foundation
  • make changes so that you attract what you want
  • improve your relationship on all levels
  • embrace and increase your sexual energy
  • identify in the body where orgasm gets stuck
  • move from fear to love
  • learn the erogenous zones
  • experience gentle touch tones
  • bond from the soul and heart
  • explore WildDance™ Fitness undulations
  • connect to your sensuality